The wellbeing of all our veterans is our priority. Everyone who comes to us is given an initial assessment by our Head of Care to help us work out what success might look like for them. Then, during their time with us, we’ll ask each beneficiary to monitor their own wellbeing, keeping check of how well they’re sleeping, eating, exercising and so on. Over a period of time, we can jointly observe their ‘distance travelled’ and keep a record of which activities and events were the most beneficial for them. And we value the feedback on what works and what doesn’t. In addition to our programme of outdoor events and activities we also offer online support: virtual lunch clubs, one-to-one peer support or even professional, individual counselling for those that need it.

Most of our activities take place in the presence of a trained therapeutic support worker to help our beneficiaries get the very best out of each project and to be on hand if any member of a cohort needs a bit of extra support at any time. And we take Health and Safety very seriously too. Each day will start with a full H&S briefing relevant to that location and that day’s activity and we always make sure there’s a trained first-aider on site.