What We Do

Veterans Outdoors works with veterans and those still serving, harnessing the proven therapeutic benefits of outdoor activity to help those with PTSD and other stress-related conditions. Each personalised programme leads directly to the NHS 5 Steps to Wellbeing: connecting with people, being physically active, learning new skills, giving to others and taking notice of the world around you.

Since we were founded in 2013, we’ve helped hundreds of veterans improve their wellbeing and settle into civilian life. As our reputation has grown, so has demand for our services. We’re now working with more veterans than ever and have added online activities and e-support sessions to our offer.

And we understand the particular needs of women veterans, recognising that the causes of some stress conditions are not always combat-related. Contact us for details of our bespoke WOMEN ONLY courses and activities. 

At Veterans Outdoors we appreciate the satisfaction of growing, harvesting and cooking your own food; the physical challenges of forestry, blacksmithing or dry-stone walling; the sense of value and wonder that comes from working with animals; the re-employment possibilities of learning gardening or landscaping skills; the pleasure and fun of activities like bee-keeping, tractor driving or metal detecting.

Everyone who comes to us is different, so we work hard to understand their needs and tailor the support we offer, providing therapeutic learning in a caring, safe environment.

Our activities include:

  • ‘Soil to Supper’ Courses – learn how to grow, harvest and cook your own food.
  • Working with animals: Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Chickens – each brings its own sense of wonder.
  • Landscape and Garden Maintenance – transferable skills that can lead to re-employment.
  • Dry Stone Walling, Hedges and Boundaries – enjoyable, physical work with a great sense of satisfaction.
  • Tractor driving & machinery maintenance.
  • Craft skills – weaving, silversmithing, blacksmithing, willow craft and carpentry.
  • Fun, absorbing stuff like beekeeping or metal detecting

And if we can’t provide it ourselves, we’ll know someone who can.