What we offer

Some of our beneficiaries come directly to us, others are referred by GP surgeries, NHS Mental Health services or by some of the dedicated veterans’ and Armed Forces health organisations. Everyone we see is assessed when they arrive to determine their personal needs and interests so we can put together a personalised programme for each individual.

We help our beneficiaries to work out what their own success will look like. For some it’s simply about helping them to sleep peacefully at night, for others it’s about rebuilding confidence and being able to reconnect with friends and family. And then there are those who want to learn new skills with a view to fresh employment or even setting up their own business.

We encourage all our veterans to monitor their own progress so they can keep track of their ‘distance travelled’ while they’re with us. Beneficiaries register with us for an initial period of six months during which time we keep in contact with them and offer them opportunities we think they’ll like. At the end of that period, those who wish to can stay with us. Our beneficiaries are welcome to be part of our family for as long as they like.

Meanwhile we’re working with other charities and partners, farmers and landowners to offer experiences and short courses to aid recovery, or longer courses for those wanting to retrain.

And we’ll help in other ways too, with links to organisations that can help with health, money or debt problems, housing or legal issues. And we can offer advice for those setting up businesses or looking for employment.

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Weekly Sessions

Every week, sometimes twice a week, we run a day-long session on a farm or estate somewhere in the South West. Join the gang for a day of digging, planting, growing, harvesting. Learn about the countryside and horticulture, make friends, have a laugh and drink tea around the fire in a safe, therapeutic environment. Everyone's welcome.

Short courses

Throughout the year we run short courses, usually 6-10 weeks (one day a week) for those that want a bit more in- depth learning or a more focussed recovery. Courses include Soil-to-Supper Horticulture or Equine Therapy with our partners HUGS in Bodmin.

Experience Days

Why not try......? Our experience days are some of our most popular activities, offering a taste of a whole range of interesting activities from wildlife photography, metal detecting and marine conservation to blacksmithing or dry stone walling. Keep an eye on our events calendar for upcoming experiences.

Case studies

Suzy’s story

Suzy’s story

'Meet Suzy... A Royal Navy Veteran, Mother, Wife, Daughter, Friend, Student, Mentor and Veterans Outdoors Beneficiary.  Suzy joined us last Summer with the aim of building her confidence and learning to feel grounded. Suzy started with a Project Artemis Wellbeing Day...

Robert’s story

Robert’s story

When Royal Navy Veteran Robert first came to Veterans Outdoors he was in a bad place. Ongoing back problems from an industrial accident had contributed to him leaving his job as a long-distance lorry driver and, forced into poor quality accommodation, he was...

Debbie’s story

Debbie’s story

“I cannot thank Veterans Outdoors enough for what they have done for me, they literally saved my life” says Debbie, an RAF veteran who was struggling to cope day-to-day after going through a marriage breakdown, to setting up a new home from scratch, followed by...