What we do

Veterans Outdoors works with veterans and those still serving, harnessing the proven therapeutic benefits of outdoor activity to improve wellbeing. Each personalised programme leads directly to the NHS 5 Steps to Wellbeing: connecting with people, being physically active, learning new skills, giving to others and taking notice of the world around you.

What we offer

Some of our beneficiaries come directly to us, others are referred by GP surgeries, NHS Mental Health services or by some of the dedicated veterans and armed forces health organisations. Everyone we see is assessed when they arrive to determine their personal needs and interests so we can put together a personalised programme for each individual.

About us

We’re an independent charity, working closely with the NHS and other referral bodies. Our team includes veterans and health professionals and many of us have seen, at first hand, both the devastating impact of trauma and the wellbeing, healing effect of outdoor activity. We put our beneficiaries first and are united in our passion for the work we do.

Case studies

Suzy’s story

Suzy’s story

'Meet Suzy... A Royal Navy Veteran, Mother, Wife, Daughter, Friend, Student, Mentor and Veterans Outdoors Beneficiary.  Suzy joined us last Summer with the aim of building her confidence and learning to feel grounded. Suzy started with a Project Artemis Wellbeing Day...

Robert’s story

Robert’s story

When Royal Navy Veteran Robert first came to Veterans Outdoors he was in a bad place. Ongoing back problems from an industrial accident had contributed to him leaving his job as a long-distance lorry driver and, forced into poor quality accommodation, he was...

Debbie’s story

Debbie’s story

“I cannot thank Veterans Outdoors enough for what they have done for me, they literally saved my life” says Debbie, an RAF veteran who was struggling to cope day-to-day after going through a marriage breakdown, to setting up a new home from scratch, followed by...

Support Us

We’re a charity, relying on goodwill from landowners and estate managers who host our experiences and from volunteers and fundraisers who make it possible for us to do our important work.

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Our female veterans were buzzing after their bee keeping experience day @Buckfast_Abbey. One of the ladies stepped out of her comfort zone, not being a fan of flying insects, she ended up holding one of the hive frames. She now wants to do it again !

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