PS’s story

15 February 2021

PS had a 10 year career in the Navy and then 24 years in the Metropolitan Police where he found himself dealing with the aftermaths of lots of deaths and suicides. A couple of years after leaving the police he had a sudden meltdown. “The ground fell away from under me, I had flashbacks of time in the Navy and the Police all jumbled up, hot & cold sweats, panic, rage and an inability to sleep.” While waiting to see an NHS Mental Health Assessor he read a magazine article about The Veterans’ Farm-Able Foundation and, subsequently, he got in touch. We arranged for him and his family to visit Pennywell Farm and spend some time with a local bee-keeper. He says “there’s a ‘warm glow’ that stays with you for a long time after such an absorbing and interesting day and it’s an important reminder that you can beat this thing.”